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There are lots of things to consider when buying equipment for surfing. One of them, choosing the best rash guard.

There are lots of things to consider when buying equipment for surfing. One of them, choosing the best rash guard. Rash guard is a unique dress that is used when surfing. For some people, wearing special clothes for surfing doesn’t seem too important. You can check the tips from EasySurf on how to choose your 1st rash guard below.

You might often see a beach boy on the edge of the beach preferring to wear ordinary clothes than on this surf shirt. Though there are several reasons why rash guards are essential to wear.

One of the critical aspects of using a rash guard when surfing is to protect the skin from sunburn. You can just use layers of sunscreen when surfing. But inevitably, the skin will remain easily sunburned without unique clothing.

Besides, the rash guard is also useful for holding seawater directly on the skin. In many areas too, rash guards help keep cold when surfing in the vast ocean.

Now, after knowing the importance of this surfing shirt, then just how to find and choose the best rash guard. Today, with the popularity of surfing sports, there are more and more brands and sellers of unique surf clothing. If in the past you might only be about rash guard from the Ripcurl brand, right now it’s not anymore. Here we will give you how to choose the best surfing shirt for your sports activities later.

1. Size

There are 2 different sizes for rash guard. First loose fit and the second is skin tight. Loose fit is a bigger size surfing shirt, and usually has a model like a t-shirt. For convenience, this loose fit model is not tight and loose enough to wear. Loose fit for a rash guard is suitable for relaxing on the beach and only to avoid direct sunlight.

Conversely, a tight fit rash guard has a smaller size and is usually tight when worn. This model uses materials that can stretch and will follow the body shape. This rash guard tight fit is chosen by many surfers and is the best choice.

A strict model makes users freer to move in the water. Also, there is also no room for seawater to enter and make the body “heavier.”

2. Model

Don’t underestimate this surf shirt model. There are lots of different models for rash guard, and each is chosen based on the user’s taste. Apart from of course necessity.

For surfing in the tropics, for example, you should use a long-sleeved rash guard because the intense sunlight can be very disturbing. Whereas when surfing when the sky is cloudy, a rash guard with a short arm model should be enough.

Other choices are of course the color and motives. Aside from choosing rash guard based on taste, a rash guard with striking colors can also attract more attention if something happens in the middle of the sea.

3. Material

In addition to size and model, the next consideration is material. Rash guard usually uses polyester with spandex. Make sure the material used for the rash guard does not feel itchy on the skin, is not hot, and does not feel sticky. In other words, you must feel comfortable when using a rash guard. Whether it’s in the water or even when on the beach.

Also, make sure, the rash guard contains cotton as well so that it can absorb sweat. Quality rash guards usually have a layer of cotton on the inside so they can absorb sweat on the skin.

4. Quick Dry

The secrets of a rash guard that has good quality are easily recognizable. This excellent quality rash guard will usually dry out quickly. While fake rash guards at low prices usually dry longer. There is a reason why the rash guard must dry quickly.

Used for water sports, the rash guard is almost always wet. But on the other hand, wearing wet clothes besides being uncomfortable for surfers, can also make a cold. To avoid this, the rash guard uses special polyester material that can dry in a short time. So make sure, too, that the rash guard you buy will not need to be long to dry again.

5. Seams

This special surfing shirt will be used for extreme sports. Therefore, the strength of the shirt stitch itself must also be considered. Rash guards from well-known brands usually have 4 stitches, which ensures the strength of the rash guard used. The existence of these 4 stitches allows you to use these special surf clothes without worrying about the clothes being torn or broken.

Choosing a rash guard is indeed not easy. But certainly, prioritize comfort when using this surf shirt huh!