How to Choose Badminton Racket

Here’s How to Choose Badminton Racket

Many people who love to play badminton do not understand how to choose a racquet that is suitable for him. Most of them try to find out the racket brand and types what is used by the world’s top shuttlers, such as: Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Simon Santoso, Tommy Sugiarto, Taufik Hidayat and others. Finally, many of them are stuck with the brand and type of racket that is identified with the top players of the world. People like one found kind of racket used by Lee Chong Wei would have been appropriate if it is used by them as well.

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Each person has unique characteristics and different from each other. Even children are identical twins still have differences. This also applies to the sport of badminton. Each player certainly has a characteristic, the style of play, the type of punch different. Racket-rackets of today has been created to be suitable for use with a variety of playing styles of each person. Thus the opinion that the racket used by Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Taufik Hidayat or definitely suitable for use by all people is not true.

To select a suitable badminton racket, you have to know in advance what type of the strengths of the racket to be purchased. Are you looking for a powerful racket, good control functions, or are comfortable to wear. To determine that you must know in advance the type of player you are. Type attacking, defending, or rally.

You must first determine whether you play with power or control. If you play with the power, then you should look for a racket that is designed with advantages in power elements. If you play with the type of control, choose a racquet that has advantages control functions. Similarly, if you choose to play balance, then you can look racquet balanced between the functions of control and power.

There are ways you can do to choose a racket, namely considering: Heavy racket, balance point, Flexibility rod and Form racket racket head frame. Here’s his review

Heavy Racket

Badminton rackets generally divided into some measure of weight that are marked with the code “U”. There are five kinds of “U” on the racket, where the higher the value of “U” on it, then it will become lighter racket, conversely the lower the value “U” is getting heavy. The average weight of the racket itself ranges between 83-100 gr. Rackets which are generally sold in the market is a kind of “3U” (85-89 gram) or “2U” (90-94 gram). Meanwhile other sizes are still rare in the market, or even if there’s the size of the “4U” and “5U” usually quite expensive.

Heavy racket listed are net weight is not included when added to the weight of the handgrip and heavy strings attached. Average weight gain after charged with a string of approximately 2-6 grams, especially for handgrip. In Japan, the size of the handgrip grouped on the size of G2, G3, G4, and G5, which is a measure of handgrip G2 and G5 largest is the smallest size. You should also consider whether the handgrip on the racket will you loose or in a double with a new handgrip. If you do pendouble late handgrip, then certainly the racket will gain weight.

Voltric Peter Gade

Well sized racquet weight is what is meant by the racket of power, which is suitable for those who have a strong wrist. Heavy racket will add more momentum when you swing it, so it will add power, especially when used to smash. The problem that arises then is a heavy racquet difficult to control. If not patient and calm, and not be able to control power in the hit, then chances are the ball out will often occur. Plus difficulties in mengenggam racket pretty heavy.

Meanwhile racquet lighter the better to control the ball, but it is difficult to get power. You have to work extra hard to create a great momentum to increase the power.