Benefits Exercise in The Morning For Health

has become a common understanding that the sport becomes an important thing, Although many people are beginning to realize and feel the real benefits even when exercising in the morning. But the fact remains there are those who are lazy to exercise in the morning when the morning exercise benefits are very vital role. For loans tips, you can see through

Perhaps the notion that exercise is important still need to be based on the knowledge that even more strongly about the benefits of exercise. Most of us assume that sport is healthy because it can burn calories and heart healthy. In fact, more than that, there are many benefits that we do not know. Has been much research done by experts to find a variety of benefits when doing exercise in the morning.

For those of you who are less familiarize yourself or even never exercise in the morning, perhaps knowledge of the following benefits could further arouse your willingness to start exercising in the morning. Here are 5 benefits of exercise in the morning are gathered from various sources.

1. Morning Sports Can Improve Brain intelligence
The benefits of exercise in the morning can help most important is the level of intelligence. Research conducted Nihon Fukushi University in Handa, Japan revealed that by exercising in the morning is able to affect the intelligence of our brains. They reveal that people who regularly exercise in the morning had a high intellect.
The study was conducted for 4 months. They examined seven people who are young and healthy, and then seven people are asked to run for 30 minutes performed 3 times a week, exercise must be done up to 12 weeks, or about 4 months. Before doing the exercise routine activities they are asked to follow the computer-based test.
Then after doing the running routine activities they are asked again to follow a series of computer-based tests. The result is a significant increase in value that indicates the cognitive level of 7 the person. In fact, the study also said that with these results show an increase in memory capacity of the brain. Amazing is not it, with morning exercise can boost the intelligence of our brain.

2. Sports Morning Can Strengthen Immune System
By exercising in the morning so we could feel the warmth of the sun in the morning which we know contains vitamin D which in addition to good bone health, it is also good for our immune system. Vitamin D is obtained from sun in the body is processed into a useful antibodies for prophylactic disease. The right time to get the morning sun is before 9 o’clock in the morning.

3. Sport morning Relieve headaches
Are you including frequent headaches or dizziness? If it does not hurt to start familiarize morning exercise. As it turns out with exercise can help us to eliminate the onset of the pain.
A recent study found that headaches or dizziness are caused by sleeping too long. Because of neurotransmitters (nervous system) of the brain will be disturbed if we sleep too long. Furthermore, what happens is increased hormone seratonin to make heads be felt dizzy. With the morning exercise helps you to adjust the intensity of your sleep, with sleep less and not excessive then help us to avoid headaches.

4. Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
A research study at the University of South Carolina who found that the treadmill exercise and jogging in the morning can improve brain power and make the muscles more resistant to fatigue, which also makes us avoid Alzheimer’s disease.

 5. Sports Morning Healthy heart
With exercise can affect the activity of the heart. With the increased hormone adrenaline during exercise in the morning can make the heart beat faster, it is better to maintain heart function.
but if you include those with heart disease, it is necessary for you to discuss with your doctor the morning sports related, because the study also shows that the activity of the heart is pounding can cause pain in the chest.