For decades the AR-15has become one of the most popular semi-automatic rifles for gun enthusiasts. In comparison to other rifles, the AR-15 is easy to operate, modify, compact, and most importantly fun. If you’re looking to purchase¬†any ar-15 rifles, you can find them at your local firearms retailer or sporting goods store.

Great for Hunting

The AR-15has become one of the most widely used hunting rifles and studies have shown that the AR-15 is preferred by 27 percent of hunters. Of the 48 percent of hunters who were surveyed, nearly 60 percent use the AR-15 to hunt big game, such as deer, elk, and buffalo.


One of the benefits of owning an AR-15 is its versatility. It can be used for competitions, hunting, or for self-defense. Over the past 55 years, the rifle has seen significant improvements, as far as accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.

Easy to